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Friday, June 24, 2016

Ten Low-Cost or No-Cost Ways to Enjoy Summer

Summer is here! Kids are out of school, wildflowers are abloom, and folks all over Facebook are excited about vacations.
Pink Evening Primroses

Summer is a little different for me and my husband. It isn't a big income time for us. I run an enrichment academy for homeschool students and my husband installs raised bed gardens in the spring and fall. No school means no paycheck for me and there aren't many garden installations in the summer for my Master Gardener hubby, so his income is lower too.

Less income means we get more creative in the summer. We have learned how to have lots of fun for little to no cost out of pocket.

Ten Low-Cost or No-Cost Ways to Enjoy Summer

1. Eat meals outside. Breakfast outside in the morning is a favorite with me and my crew.
2. Make your own bubble solution and blow bubbles with your children.
3. Garden! A hobby that offers nutrition, exercise, and vitamin D.
We love our garden!

4. Pop your own popcorn and watch favorite movies together.
5. Go to summer reading club activities at the local library. Ours hosts many free activities and rewards for reading.
6. Save your leftover coffee from the morning to enjoy as iced coffee in the afternoon.
7. Find a playground or park in your area with a splash pad or free swimming.
8. Go outside in the evening and stargaze.
9. Take advantage of summer movie days at your local movie theater. It does cost a bit of money but it is fairly affordable.
10. Go bowling! Go to  to see if there is a bowling alley in your area participating.

What are you doing to have fun this summer while keeping spending to a minimum? Please share your summer activities by commenting below so we can all benefit!