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Monday, April 22, 2013

On Education

Some of you know that I homeschool my children and some of you just learned that I homeschool my children by reading this sentence. This has been a great choice for my family. It may or may not be a fit for your children. We are all different and each family has its own needs and requirements.

Oftentimes, when my husband and  I meet people and they learn that we homeschool, they say, "Oh, I could never do that!" or "Well, you must be more patient than I am." Many seem to feel that because my husband and I chose to teach our kids at home that we don't think that their choice to send their children to public or private school is just as good a choice as the one we made for our children. That is not our viewpoint at all.

In my point of view, education is about helping someone to learn what they need to learn in the atmosphere where they can best learn. For some students, public school is where they learn best. Others learn better at home. Some need what a private school provides.

Where a child attends school should not become a competition between friends and family members. We should not compare the parameters of our own situations and decisions to those of others.

Let us focus instead on making sure that our children receive the education they need to prepare them for their future and being an encouragement to those around us.