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Monday, February 20, 2012

Working with materials on hand

I am a little frustrated with my house. It needs some organizing and revising...all on absolutely no budget.

This weekend I did a tiny organizing project in my kitchen and I am so pleased with the results!

I feel inspired to do more.

See if the before and after pics inspire you too.

Kitchen counter before I cleared and organized. It worked but was not attractive.  

We take a lot of vitamins and I also have this small whiteboard next to the refrigerator that I use to leave info for my sons when I am at work. So these items are needed but don't look very pleasing to the eye.

I remembered that I had a few small trays in the cabinet that I wasn't using so I decided to move the white board up to an old answering machine stand that I had and put the vitamins on the tray.

It looks so much neater now and is not assaulting me visually now!

I am going to tackle the top of my refrigerator next.

What areas in your home have become visual eyesores that you could reorganize and make more useful?

I would love to hear what results you have in your home!

1 comment:

  1. Very tidy! ;-) I recently scrutinized our bookshelves, and gave them a quick editing and straightening. Necessary items can be pleasing to the eye AND functional!