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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Stretching Everything!

Was chatting via text with a dear friend who lives far away from me so we have to catch up as we can. She shared that life is really stretching her as she has started several new businesses recently.

I also have been going through the stretching process. I have been working for quite a variety of people doing quite a variety of tasks through TaskRabbit ( I am never sure how much work I am going to be able to obtain so when jobs are available I take them. One day earlier this month found me working for over 8 hours cleaning two different places. I realized exactly how the phrase "I worked my a** off" originated! My booty felt like it was going to fall off from all that squatting down to scrub things.

I have had to stretch our income because in the summer I have less earnings and in the winter, my husband has less earnings. Hmm, that is two out of four seasons where we are earning less income! You are probably thinking that something should be done about that. I agree, which is why today I was stretching in a new area.

I applied to be an Amazon Associate so that I can earn additional income for me and my family. Now I have to figure out how to get the thing up and running on my blog, which is stretching my limited tech abilities. ; )

I have been doing Classical Stretch most weekday mornings ( so I am stretching my body and making it stronger. Another division of this exercise is called Essentrics ( I am contemplating becoming an instructor. Stay tuned!

So far being fifty is all about expanding and stretching in many areas of my life. What is stretching you these days? I so enjoy reader comments so please take time to share!


  1. Challenging circumstances are stretching us, too! I am stretching our income, stretching our food stores, stretching our network to include bartering, as we find ways to be the best possible stewards of what we have. I am stretching my day by rising an hour earlier than usual. I am stretching my comfort zone by blogging and commenting. :-D My brain is being stretched by studying new topics. Let's hope I'm elastic enough to stretch and not POP!

  2. Yes...your buns get lifted higher after all that cleaning...or else mine sure are! Oh go for the exercise and I will follow you!
    50's for stretching...well if these last two years have told the story of the 50's then I will be stretched totally out by age 60!
    You go girl...your stretching looks good on you!