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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spa Week

It is spring break here in my part of the country which means that the school where I work is not in session this week. So, I have some free time and decided to spend some of it on myself. I have designated this week as Spa Week!

Even here in the South, it has been a long, hard winter. Cold weather and dark, dreary days have had an effect on both my body and my psyche! If you are in the same boat, join me in undoing the ravages of Old Man Winter.

I am going to be spending this week exercising, doing beauty treatments, eating indulgently in a healthful way, and relaxing.

I began my day with a weigh-in followed by a Classical Stretch exercise session. Then I took my three
dogs out one by one for their morning walk. I ran through my yard with the two big dogs, Emmie, and Kiah, and did lunge walks around my yard with my sweet little Shih Tzu, Watson.

As I write this blog entry, I am soaking my feet in preparation for giving myself a pedicure. I am all about multi-tasking folks!

I put some lovely light pink OPI polish on my now smooth tootsies. I had purchased the polish on a markdown at my local grocery store. Looking good doesn't have to be expensive!

I also gave myself a mud mask facial this morning. Can you tell it's on over here at my house?

This is as real as it gets folks-
there is no  makeup on my face!

I used Arbonne's Sea Mud Mask
but you can actually make your
own beauty products if you are
up to doing so. 
Spa week can be as inexpensive as the ingredients in your kitchen or as expensive as a trip to the beauty counter. I will be sharing lots of recipes, URLs, and exercises this week. I hope you will share your beauty tips and tricks too! More info to come tomorrow!


  1. I'm always wary of facials because my skin is super sensitive, but now I'm thinking something all natural made at home might be the way to go!

  2. I will be posting links for homemade beauty treatments very soon!

  3. Good for you, pampering yourself! I'm from the South too (SC) but currently living in MD and we finally had some spring weather! No spring break for us… just snow make up days. :-/ I'm grateful spring is finally in the air, though, because as you said, it's been a very long winter!

    1. Here's to a lovely Spring for all of us! Abigail, be sure you are doing something nice for yourself from time to time too!