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Friday, March 15, 2013

Food Restrictions/Food Freedom

Many of you know that I eat gluten free and dairy free (except for lactose free yogurt, butter, some cream cheese, and Parmesan cheese). When I meet new folks and have to share this info, they always look at me with pity.

"What? You can't eat bread? No ice cream? I can't live without cheese!" It seems almost incomprehensible to people that there is anything available to consume. Believe me, I have plenty to eat. Though I eliminated gluten in late 2006 and dairy in early 2012 I still have plenty of variety in my diet.

Last night, we had a delicious meat loaf made in the crock pot with cut up potatoes and baby carrots. No gluten, no dairy and all five of us devoured it. The other four people in my home can eat gluten and three can eat dairy. Since I am the main chef though, they all eat gluten free and dairy free often without really noticing that is what they are doing.

Sunday evening's dinner was shrimp creole served over rice and salad for those who wanted salad. Dessert was a gluten free pineapple cake with cream cheese frosting.

Right now I am eating roasted red pepper hummus with baby carrots. Yummy!

Since I am the only one in my home that has to eat gluten free, I don't buy a lot of gluten free (GF) ingredients. They can be pricey and I won't eat enough of them to justify the cost most of the time. So instead I make naturally gluten free foods. The gluten eaters can always grab a slice of bread if they want it.

I make about 95% of the meals we eat for many reasons: it is cost effective, the food is fresh, and  I like the security of knowing my food is not contaminated with gluten or dairy products.

I am currently working on a 30-day gluten free dairy free menu with recipes that I will have available as an inexpensive download, hopefully sooner rather than later. Even if you don't have to restrict your diet as I do, you may know someone who does that is struggling with how to do so.

One of my goals this year as I forgo full-time employment is to develop ways to create an income for me and my family that allows me time to enjoy my life. Creating useful, helpful products and publishing articles are two of the ways I hope to do this.

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