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Monday, March 4, 2013


We were just a few feet away from the drivers at the start of this race!

I took a little trip with my hubby on Sunday to Lockhart, Texas. We went there to watch the Lone Start Grand Prix (

When I got up on Sunday, I had no plans to go to watch super fast go-karts, but an idle comment by Joe that he wouldn't mind going had me saying, "Well, let's go!"

My husband loves watching Nascar and thanks to him I know more than I ever planned to about Jeff Gordon so I thought that if he wanted to go see these races, why not? The races were free so they were certainly within our price range! After a few moment's discussion we packed a cooler with drinks and snacks and off we went!

Lockhart is only twenty minutes from where we live and very familiar to us. We had a resale store there from 2003-2008. It is a charming small town well-known for their excellent barbecue. My favorite place there is Smitty's, but I digress (as I so often do).

Back to the races-some of these go-karts go up to 130 miles per hour! They are quite loud! Check out my very amateur video.

I met a seven-year-old boy who was racing in the Cadet division (ages 6-11 if I remember correctly). We saw a boy and girl in the next age division have a little wreck where they hit the plastic barrier so hard it moved a good 4-5 feet!

I was surprised how fast these go-karts went!

It was nice to get out of our rut and do something different for a change. I encourage you to find some free or inexpensive activities to do with your husband or family. It isn't the money you spend, it is the memories you make that your loved ones remember.

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