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Monday, March 11, 2013

Spring Break

Rose bush hubby bought as an anniversary gift a few years ago in bloom. 

Here in central Texas it is Spring Break week. The weather has been heralding spring's arrival for a few weeks, kids have all had ADD at school, and parents are talking themselves out of calling in "sick" to work. A break is definitely needed for all.

Today I am enjoying a leisurely visit to the library to work on my blog and other writing projects.
My library has a really nice lobby with Wifi for their patrons. My son and I brought some drinks and snacks and we are both relaxing with my laptops. I made some Raspberry Zinger iced tea and brought it in some small canning jars. I love using canning jars for transporting snacks and drinks-so cost effective and easy to do.

Canning jars aren't just for jam at my house.

Anyway, back to Spring Break-I am going to combine getting lots done at home with having some fun this week. Several of my jobs are in the education field so I have off today, Tuesday, and part of Thursday. Get ready to see some before and after pictures of my home if all I have planned is accomplished.

I want to get some new flowers planted in the front yard. I so crave lots of color in my landscape! Here we have the challenge of being in and out of drought conditions so plants have to be chosen carefully.

I have two living room chairs begging to to be reupholstered. Sad thing is that our staple gun has gone to staple gun heaven. Good thing is that some very nice husband gave me a Home Depot gift card for Christmas so perhaps I can get a new staple gun and make those chairs look refreshed during my week off.

I have my dining room table covered with books that I need to sell (books have been there for ahem...several weeks). I need to photograph the books and list them for sale.

I just realized that I have only detailed chores that I need to complete! All work and no play does not a spring break make!

I need to schedule the fun stuff posthaste...I just remembered that I am going to meet with a friend for dinner and get together with another friend to hit up our favorite thrift store. Maybe a trip to the dam would be relaxing too.

Stay tuned for my Spring Break adventures....

What are you doing for your Spring Break?

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  1. Spring break here also..I am trying to finish up re-upholstering my chair, I need to make plans for the 1st grade class I am going to be teaching starting Monday...and I really just want to get my hands in the dirt
    Enjoy your spring break