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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Computing problems

I was all set to post a pithy little post yesterday when my computer decided to behave strangely. It showed me a weird screen with a bunch of dire sounding warnings and gave me two choices of things to do. I chose the first and couldn't get out of the loop to use my computer.

I was frantic and worried. I love my little Acer Netbook that I got for Christmas from my youngest daughter! I couldn't wait to go home and have my resident computer expert son take a look at it.

Two minutes after we got in the door, he disappeared into his room with my precious purple baby. Five minutes later he found me in the kitchen and informed me that all was well. Happiness!

I asked him what he did to get it out of the loop in which it had been stuck. He said, "Do you remember where it gave you two choices of things to do?" I nodded that I did and told him I had chosen the first item.

He said, "Yeah, well that was the wrong choice."

Glad he knew what to do and got me back in business!

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