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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love Is In the Air

Valentine's Day is here once again. I love holidays, probably more than most people but a trip to the store just about made me hate Valentine's Day.

 Last night I had to go to the grocery store to purchase some mundane items: bananas, lunchmeat, cheese, bread. I could barely get up and down the aisles for the massive crowds purchasing helium balloons, bouquets of flowers, and candy.

People obviously had not planned ahead and were in a frenzy of buying everywhere in the store. I did not buy a single Valentine themed item at the store because I had stocked up for Valentine's Day as far back as the day after Valentine's Day last year.

We have pretty limited finances so instead of foregoing giving gifts and making holidays special for my family, I plan ahead. I bought a romantic coupon book last year and kept it for this year for my sweet husband. He was just as thrilled with it as he would have been had I purchased it at full price. After Christmas, I saw some lovely body scrubs, sprays, lotions, and such on markdown at my local HEB grocery store so I bought as much as I could afford in the four fragrances that were available. Guess what my dear daughters will receive from me for this Valentine's Day? 

I have made this activity of acquiring nice, thoughtful gifts on an extremely low budget into a game that I quite enjoy! I encourage you to give it a whirl too. 

Our Valentine's Day was quite happy because we didn't spend what we couldn't afford! How was yours?

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