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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Super Saver Saturday

I have wanted to go to my favorite thrift store for a couple of weeks now and I finally got to go there today!

Sawyer (my 18-year- old son) needed a pair of gray slacks. We found a pair in his size that he liked. Because all long pants were on sale at half off we were able to get the pants for $2.00! Yes, you read that correctly-the original price was $4.00 and we only had to pay half today.

I also bought a lovely set of books for my 5-month-old grandson, Liam, for Easter. This Brimax board book set titled My First Prayers contains 8 very sweet books and is in a nice little case. It only cost $3.00! I am ecstatic over this find. Take a look at these hastily snapped photos and see if you don't agree.

I love these titles!
Isn't this adorable?

I also bought Liam a baby swimsuit and an adorable Onesie-type outfit for his Easter gifts from his Gigi and Grandpa. 

My son found a movie he really liked for only $4.00 and I purchased a beautiful copy of The Night Before Christmas that will surely find its way to a deserving niece or nephew this coming Christmas.

Some of you may remember my recent post on Valentine's Day where I had a mini-rant about people being unprepared for holidays and how despite a very limited income I manage to provide gifts to make the holidays special for my family. 

Thrifting is one of my best weapons in my quest to provide while living within my means. Try it, you might like it!

I would love to hear about your great deals so please share by commenting!


  1. I love thrift stores. I recently purchased my boyfriend a practically brand new pair of Lucky brand Jeans that retail for $130, for $5.25!!

  2. What great finds! Our favorite thrift store find was a copy of A Child's History of the World, by V. M. Hillyer, copyright 1951, for FREE. My husband found it in a box of free books there!!

  3. I love old books (and with your great suggestion to only buy the ones beloved by my family and let the library hold the rest) I saved big money and still got the things we hold precious. Anyway, after Valentines is a great time to shop big box retail. Kohls has xmas things 80% off with 20% at the register plus if you watch you can get Kohls cash for future shopping trips. I recently spent $50 for $600 worth of items. We all know that half that is what they would normally be so it isn't as glamorous in reality but I will still pay $50 for $300 of mechandise. LOVE your comment about being prepared for gift giving occasions, nothing could be more true than the value of shopping all year-round for those special people in your life. The more personal the better and I keep notes about people's interests and hobbies and such on my cell phone so they are handy where ever a good sale is lurking!!

  4. I have been a Target Clearance shopper for years and I always have Rubbermaid totes full of goodies that I got for 75%-90% off. It is so much fun to shop in my closet for those last minute party invites. I do this for all of the Holidays as well and it is like a fun little gift when I pull out the bin from the years before clearance shopping and see the fun things I have. I have done this since my children were small and even though my finances are much better I would never stop getting the most bang for my buck:)

    1. Brilliant! I have a similar philosophy and it is one reason why I don't like giving gift cards for gifts. I can only spend $10-15 on a gift card but I can give a gift worth a lot more if I buy it on a huge clearance!