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Monday, February 18, 2013

I Love Couponing!

I do what I call "Semi-Extreme Couponing". I don't get cartloads of items for pennies on the dollar like the folks do on the "Extreme Couponing" show. But, I do get real life great deals that anyone with a pair of scissors, a newspaper, and a sharp eye can get anytime, anywhere they are shopping.

I almost always take my coupon box with me when I leave my house just in case I see a coupon opportunity.  Yesterday I went to Walgreen's to purchase some Arizona drinks that were on sale 2/$1.00 and while I was there I walked the aisles to see what was on clearance as is my custom.

Many people don't realize that coupons can be used on mark down items. I absolutely LOVE using coupons this way as it is a huge bang for the buck!

In the shaving aisle, my Walgreen's had some Gillette Fusion Shave Gel marked down to $2.49 each. That is a very good price as at full price this item is around $5.00 for one shave gel. I got into my envelope marked Shaving Items to see if I might have a coupon or two on this excellent product. I pulled out Gillette Fusion coupons- one that was buy one, get one free and one that was $1.00 off the purchase of one Gillette Fusion shave gel.

End result was that I paid $1.49 for two name brand shave gels. They ended up being 75 cents each and a better price than generic. My husband and sons were really happy to see what I got and my budget was happy too! We didn't need shave gel for a few more weeks but if I had waited until it was needed I would have spent a lot more to get a lot less.

If you haven't tried couponing because you think it will be a huge hassle or it isn't worth it, keep on checking back as I share more on this topic. At the very least, get a Sunday paper this week and see what you can do to spend less on items you are already going to have to buy!

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  1. Great article and good tips! I will check back for more couponing tips!